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iTrace — the iOS app that teaches your homeschoolers handwriting.
We know it is hard to teach kids at home. To make handwriting easier, we designed iTrace with input from educational experts and feedback from almost 100 kids.
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ITrace really helps homeschoolers to learn handwriting

Letters, numbers and words — all in one app that kids are fond of.
Really teaches handwriting – you don’t need to take time to explain and supervise. Just open our app for 15 minutes and then check results.
Tracks a child's progress on each letter or number to help them master handwriting, and allows adults to see improvements in each tricky letter.
Easily switches to left-handed mode or cursive letters in Letter options.
Allows you to teach all your children with one app that offers unlimited children’s accounts for your whole family.
Customizes and prints PDF worksheets for continuing practicing on paper — no need to search for worksheets on the Internet.


In case you are already using our app, please share your feedback with us — email us or leave a review on the Apple Store. We are interested in making the product that really helps homeschoolers. Your feedback is the best way to do it.
I use this app for tutoring 4-6 year olds Many apps have busy graphics and annoying rewards that can kill concentration, but this app has very clean and simple graphics, with the optional pleasant background music. The creator really strives to make this a great learning tool for children.

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Tracing letters and numbers is a huge part of early childhood education. iTrace makes that part interesting and fun for kids.
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