The iOS app that has taught your kids handwriting since 2014.
Your kids like to spend time on your iPad anyway. Let’s use that time to teach them handwriting! We designed our app with input from educational professionals and feedback from 100 kids. Our interface with sounds helps make learning easy and efficient.
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How does it work?

Kids write the same letter several times — the only way to develop muscle memory. Our app constantly adjusts the difficulty of letter tracing to provide an appropriate level of challenge as your child progresses. After each exercise, your kid will play a small game. The activity change helps to keep their attention.

What do you get?

Your kid will get help in preparation for Kindergarten.
You will get some free time for yourself while your kid is learning.
You will know just how your child is progressing, how much time they spend on the app, and what kind of mistakes they make.
You can teach your children with one app — we have unlimited child accounts so the whole family can learn with one app purchase.
iTrace maintains a history of every attempt made by each player, so parents or teachers can easily review kids' progress.


Same font styles that schools teach:
Zaner-Blosser, HWT (Handwriting Without Tears) and D'Nealian. We checked — these are the most popular methodologies in the USA.
One app for all letters and numbers
Uppercase and lowercase, cursive and block, letters and numbers. There is no need to buy 3 different apps just to teach your kid handwriting.
Left and Right handwriting orientation.
Just switch in the Parents’ Zone. We learned that left-handed people write letters differently: right-handed students pull the pen, while left-handed students push it in front of their hands.
10 unique prizes for each letter
No other app is this generous. Get rewarded for each practice and improvement.
Free worksheets printed
Continue learning on paper.


Start with a name
A child who can handwrite his or her own name properly is likely to be ready for other words.
Trace words
We have already uploaded 350 words for practicing, and you can add an unlimited number of your own.
5 animated scenes
Kids LOVE to interact with our 50 animated objects on the iPad that make learning fun.

2 options of iTrace:

Free version
Free version with in-app purchases to see whether your kid likes our app or not.
3 letters, 2 numbers and 2 pre-uploaded words available for free, and the rest after purchase


We are conscientious about kids' privacy. We do not want to violate the confidentiality of children.
We don’t show any unwelcome messages for your kids. We don’t like that either.
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Since publishing we have been getting a lot of great reviews on our app:
I use this app for tutoring 4-6 year olds Many apps have busy graphics and annoying rewards that can kill concentration, but this app has very clean and simple graphics, with the optional pleasant background music. The creator really strives to make this a great learning tool for children.

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Tracing letters and numbers is a huge part of early childhood education. iTrace makes that part interesting and fun for kids.
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